Friday, October 22, 2010

Financial Management Presentation

Yesterday, my team had our presentation for Financial Management with Asher Drory, a professor notorious for not pulling any punches and generally holding all Rotman students to a very high standard. We didn't want to disappoint.

Our case was on securitization as a form of financing. The company was a collections company which bought bad loans for pennies on the dollar and made a profit by collecting on them. However, they were being squeezed on the margins due to banks beginning to charge more for the bad debts as well as the quality and collectability of the debts shrinking.

The company was also looking to grow, and had been previously financing its growth through the securitization of it's uncollected loans (in this specialized financial industry, loans are a form of inventory, rather than as a liability in a traditional company). However, the conditions of the security were almost exactly the same as debt (monthly interest payments and principal flowthrough).

Therefore, in order to properly understand the risk exposure in the company, rather than have the financing sit off the balance sheet, we made adjustments to show what the balance sheet would look like if they were financed with traditional debt (which is not an unreasonable assumption, given the type of business risk that they are exposed to through this financing is not dissimilar). The end result is that suddenly all their solvency ratios and coverage ratios are totally out of whack. Whereas before their company had reasonable ratios (debt to equity of about 0.8x), their ratios were now about 4 to 5x.

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