Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Financial Executives International – 5th Best in Class Competition

On Saturday, a Rotman team composed of myself, Shree, Fei and Matt Literovich competed in the Financial Executives International 5th annual Best in Class Competition. The case company was HudBay Minerals. Unfortunately, we placed second, behind Alberta School of Business.

The competition was intense, as many of the teams worked late into the night on Friday to put together our decks and get a few rehearsals in before scrambling to get a few hours of shut eye. The next morning, our names were drawn for presentation order and we found ourselves in the seventh spot.

Matt Literovich was phenomenal understanding potential legal issues related to mining and commanded the attention of the room when he spoke of precedent case law.

Fei gave a detailed account of all the organizational issues we could expect as HudBay Minerals grew and followed our acquisition strategy.

And Shree’s knowledge of mining and dissection of potential target companies gave us an exceptionally high level of credibility.

All three were exceptionally strong in both the presentation and the question and answer period and this short description does not do justice to the quality of our presentation.

While we were very disappointed that we didn’t take the top spot, the event itself was challenging and very entertaining. Judges from the competition included top executives from HudBay Minerals, USGold, OTPP, Mercator, a justice and many other top professionals. Definitely a great experience, I would recommend any MBA student to attend this competition.

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