Friday, January 23, 2009

GE Earnings Report

GE makes their Q4 target, but as our reader astutely mentioned GE has mentioned (once more) profit smoothing techniques in the form of One-Time global benefits and Other (page 9 of their webcast presentation) which accounts for about 3.68c of their earnings (by my math).

There's also a component called Restructuring and other high tax jurisdiction income. This area might be a bit more grey in terms of it's true impact on EPS.

I'd expect the stock price to come down a bit, however, the management guidance based on the information and projections are moderate. I'd expect some positive news for them in 3 to 6 months which should boost their stock price.

I'd watch this stock price and buy at a slightly lower price. However, It's tough to put in a price (and yesterday's target might be too low). I'd try not to guess the bottom and get in at a price you can sleep at.

Buy range: $11.5 to 13.00

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