Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jack and Suzy Welch, Winning

If I had to use only the shortest possible sentence to describe the mechanics of success so that anyone can understand Jack's management style it would be:

"Use only the shortest possible sentence
to describe the mechanics of success
so that anyone can understand."

Jack is an avid crusader against unnecessary bureaucracy and management layers in favour of flexibility and ownership as a mechanism for empowerment. The ideas he puts forth in his books expounds his philosophy that direct communication and quick action in its various forms are the key to success in a variety of different operational functions.

While hardly a new book, it is one of my favourites. Jack deals with a broad range of topics, each of which is still relevant (sadly) today. Some of my favourite topics discussed are:
  • Candor - direct and clear communication of unpleasant (but necessary) topics in the search for solutions
  • Differentiation - the acknowledgment and rewarding of good work and values and the correction of poor behaviours (a natural corollary to candor)
  • The hiring batting average - holding recruiters responsible for building an organizational culture around performance
  • Divesture and parting ways - dealing with issues of strategic and systematic non-performance in organizations and individuals
  • Six-sigma - Understanding the value of consistency. Literally in statistics: reducing the variance of output to encompass six sigmas (standard deviations) - a *very* narrow band in any field
  • Ownership in career management - taking responsibility for advancement through adding value and understanding your role
His books have strikingly similar content to his website / pod cast (nearly identical in some areas) so even if you don't have time for the book (or prefer to consumer media in a different format) I would strongly recommend you having a look.

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