Friday, April 3, 2009

RIM up $13+ from 60+ to $73+

Well I feel vindicated. RIM reports strong earnings and the stock goes back up closer to my $75 target. Now I need to review the earnings report and evaluate my model to see where the valuation comes out.

Despite that, I expect that the stock will probably be a hold (or a sell for people looking to make a quick buck).

MD&A points to a strong next quarter and I would believe that. Major carriers like Rogers are under attack from low cost providers like Koodo (in Canada) and there are a multitude of good reasons for them to increase their strategy in the wireless data space:
  • BlackBerry wireless data is not available on pay as you go plans (contracts needed)
  • Profit margins for wireless data are extremely high
  • Data transmissions require relatively infinitesimal line capacity requirements - low network usage versus voice calls

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