Tuesday, November 17, 2009

United Way Auction - Outbidding Maddness

The Outreach club at Rotman was running an auction to sell items in order to raise funds for the United Way. There were certainly interesting items being auctioned, most of which were meals with professors or second year students, gift sets or even a name card decorating session.

I had put together a small syndicate of bidders to bid on the Capital Markets night out with a fairly healthy max bid. Just before 1 pm, it was pure chaos as there were groups of students sitting out in the atrium trying to outbid each other by different increments for different items. Unfortunately, we got booted below our maximum bid at $1450 because I lost my wifi connection.

However, I'm really impressed with the group of students that I came to bid with. Although everyone was commenting that it "wasn't really worth it", the eventual selling price was only at about a 45% premium over the projected cost and it is for charity and a good cause. Who ever won certainly deserves rock star status.

No one really knows who won yet, but everyone is poking around trying to find out who it is.

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