Saturday, August 21, 2010

London Business School - Electives

So I heard back a few weeks ago from London Business School about all the course electives I applied for and I'm happy to say that I got them all. This means that the course I put at the top of my list will also be the last class I end my MBA program on: Service Management Field Trip (aka LBS Greek Study Tour). I've read a few great reviews of this course from other blogs (as well as for the other courses I've choosen) and I'm very happy with the results.

I've just finished my last day at Scotia on Friday and I'm catching up with friends and family before starting my negotiations course in a week's time (you know, that course I kept missing because I kept going on study tours?) I'm taking it with the incoming Morning MBA class so it will be fun to meet them.

Orientation camp is the following week and that looks to be good times. The costume theme this year is super heros and I think I have an awesome idea. I might post a pic after camp is over.

I've got a lot of stuff I need to catch up on, but will start picking up regular posting again soon enough.

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