Thursday, September 2, 2010


Classes have started a bit early for me as I've started taking negotiations this week (I had repeatedly missed this class for study tours). I've been taking this class since Sunday with the incoming Morning MBA class (apparently this is their first class that they take with FIT).

It's a fantastic class, showing you the mechanics of negotiation with the opportunity to practice your skills with your fellow classmates. A large component is experiential so I don't that it is easy to transpose the nuances onto a blog post. However, I have been told (and can understand why) this class is popular with students.

Most people would probably initially think that a negotiations course will help people "get a bigger slice", but that is too narrow a perspective. It focuses on tactics and strategies for how to enlarge the pie, how to ensure that the counter party feels like they have been dealt with fairly (even deals in which you concede a great deal of value is no guarantee that your counterparty will be entirely happy with the deal and can affect your relationship and future ability to negotiate).

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