Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rotman International Fair

Yesterday was Rotman's International Fair in the Fleck Atrium. The Global Business Association (GBA) hosted tables with food from around the world and there were table set up with various international opportunities.

I was present at the international study tours table and was happy to answer questions from students about what the study tours were like, how the application process works, etc. I think that with the future growth and development plans of Rotman and the $200 million expansion project of the school, international programs will be at the forefront of further developing the Rotman brand. I believe these programs will be of paramount importance to attracting talented candidates to attend the school from different parts of the world.

It is my hope that students will be interested in applying for these once in a lifetime opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom (such as in the Middle East study tour and our trip to the Central Bank of the UAE and asking them about their policies) or how our visit to Embraer on the Latin America tour was directly related to our Global Managerial Perspectives (GMP) final exam of an aircraft manufacturer outsourcing parts and its exposure to foreign currencies etc.

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