Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in the Mix

Today marked my first official day back at school with my Corporate Finance class. I've essentially sorted out what project groups I'll be working on this term and have the opportunity to work with people I haven't worked with before (all with reputations for being smart and hardworking). It also occurs to me that there is also a notable bias towards JD/MBA teammates.

The school is abuzz with info sessions and recruiting events every day it seems as my classmates are constantly appearing in business formal wear and putting their best foot forward for potential employeers. People are taking the opportunity to really investigate what career they want to build and what direction they want to take.

There are also first year students who are now in the same place we were last year and some of my classmates have admitted that it is a bit "different" to suddenly be the senior students giving advice on the MBA program to a group of bright motivated students.

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