Thursday, September 9, 2010

Orientation Camp

Yesterday marked the end of Orientation Camp for the incoming students. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but that didn't dampen their spirits or enthusiasm. During our costume parties, I was glad to see several group costumes as well as some well thought out and executed individual costumes.

Roger Martin also gave a good talk on what makes Rotman different and how integrative thinking is essential from creating good MBA graduates who have something extra. He explained how he envisioned for us to become good users and creators of models and that this will help us in our future careers.

The incoming class was eager and very inquisitive into the nature of the MBA program. They took advantage of the team activities to work with each other and get to know each other before school started. I think we have a great incoming class and I’m looking forward to watching their development over the school year.

It was very obvious from beginning to end how much work the orientation committee had put into organizing the event by the quality of the opportunities for students to interact and the relationships built at this formative stage of the MBA program.

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