Monday, December 13, 2010

End of Classes, Start of Exams

Last week marked the end of classes for second years and many of us had our first exams today (with the exception of the options class which had their exams last week due to a scheduling conflict with the professor).

Some of my classmates have been thoughful enough to remind me that this is my "last class at Rotman" or my "last exam week at Rotman" as I'll be leaving for exchange in Jan for London Business School. It has started to become more real for me as I think I have found some good accommodation (deposit to be sent tomorrow).

I just wrote the exam for Business Analysis and Valuation tonight (a four hour exam... Yikes!) This week I also have Financial Management on Wednesday evening, Corporate Finance on Thursday and Mergers & Acquisitions on Friday. Thank goodness my ICP in Islamic Finance doesn't have an exam, although it does have work that will stretch over the holidays.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming break, MBA games in Jan and flying out for exchange!

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Blog of Blah! said...

corp fin is on Thursday night dude...LOL u scared me