Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flying out for Exchange, London Business School

I think it's finally hit me. I'm flying to London. I'm sitting in Pearson airport taking advantage of the free wifi, wrapping up a few things and my excitement level is steadily increasing. Geoff Wylde, the other Rotman student going on exchange to LBS has been busy, having left last week. I've been getting emails from the international exchange students who are already there and their social plans for their time in the UK.

I'm really looking forward to being at a new school and meeting new people. As with Rotman, it will be another opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and participate in various events (I would be severely disappointed if my participation in events like case competitions dips even a little bit).

MBA Games was fun, with Rotman winning the Spirit Q&A awards. The Rotman organizing team did a phenomenal job planning our participation this year, only our second year participating. It occurs to me that this is the largest student event I’ve ever been to; even CFES Congress and CEC were only about 220 students, whereas the MBA games were 662 from 20 MBA schools across Canada. I also met some old friends from the FEI case comp, RIM and even junior high! Small world.

The winning team was University of Alberta, so it seems that next year’s team will have an interesting trek to the next games assuming they can get funding support. The host of the games is the previous year’s winner, unlike the CEC which uses a bidding system.

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