Sunday, January 30, 2011

Islamic Finance – Executive 3 Day Program

Today, I presented remotely from London at the Islamic Finance Program, hosted at Rotman for the Executive Program in partnership with Bennett Jones. This was the final component of our Islamic Finance ICP. The team lead by Walid included myself, Arash, Shahzad, Khaled, Kashif and Noureen and we presented our materials to the executive program participants.

With the rise of Islamic finance, I’ve had some interesting conversations with people I’ve met while on exchange at LBS regarding Sharia compliant financial structures such as the various types of sukuks we’ve been analyzing.

Our spread analysis drove quite a bit of interest for people who were interested in what a Sharia compliant structure would yield and the market conditions for doing such an issuance. Even before our presentation, I had the opportunity to answer some basic questions regarding the pricing spread between Islamic instruments versus conventional.


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