Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Globe and Mail featuring Rotman Students

My classmate, Alejandro Macareno, recently spoke with the Globe and Mail on why international students come to Canada and how they add value to the classroom through their unique experience and perspectives.

Being from Venezuela, Alejandro gave helpful comments on a case we had studied in our Managing People in Organization class way back in Q1 of first year when we looked at a Canadian bank acquiring a bank in Latin America and the merger of cultures. He certainly added some meaningful context to our discussion as someone who was born and raised in that part of the world.

You can listen to him speak on the Globe and Mail website on the experience of international students in Canada.

Some of my other classmates from Rotman featured include:
Ajay Jayarajan
Khaled Nounou (The same Khaled who was on the Islamic Finance ICP team)

Recently, I asked my classmates for guest posts about their unique experiences at Rotman and posted the series.

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