Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So close... Yet so far.

I guessed on Dec 12, that RIM stock would hit a minimum of $45 and had a buy order at that amount. Well on *Dec 15th* the stock bottomed at $45.52. Then RIM reported a positive financial quarterly report (like I anticipated) on the 18th.

Ok... So some of my "analysis" was guess work... But to guess the bottom to within 52c (or just over 1% of the stock price) is pretty damn good. Unless something weird happens, I think the stock will start to have a more "normal" growth pattern (translation: it's still a good investment if you don't really have other plans for your money). However, instead of making 25% over the next six month's you'll probably still only make about 10% over the same holding period.

Nonetheless... Even though I didn't make the killing I had hoped to, I am happy about the result.

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