Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oil Companies

Petro-Canada (Hold - Sell) @ 25.28 USD
Encana (Hold - Sell) @ 52.01 USD

Oil prices have been plummeting ($25 oil?). Both have reported issues and scaling back their operations in Alberta. Petro-Canada has been beat up and nothing much has changed to rate an improvement in their companies fundamentals (in fact they seem to be deteriorating). However, the stock is getting beat up *REALLY* bad. Not sure if there is a bottom here, but Petro-Canada might find itself in serious trouble soon (it's P/E is less than 3) if things don't improve.

Oil prices being where they are (and where people thing they are going) Encana also doesn't look like it will be recovering anytime soon. (P/E is 5.47)

- Granted analyzing oil and related companies is MUCH more complicated than presented there, I think these broad strokes are enough to warrent a Sell rating.

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