Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Posting Shortfall

I apologize for my regular readers who were expecting CFA related posts for the past three days on this blog, only to be disappointed.

This weekend, I received an offer for an internship in New York city with an equities research firm and I've been busy sorting out which visa status I need to undertake so I've been busy with calls to various sponsorship agencies like SWAP USA, CDS and AIPT as well as the US Consulate and CBP.

Also, OSAP recently underwent an upgrade and opened yesterday, but the traffic was so bad, I got booted from the system for 24h (if you read my post on BCP, you'd understand why I was a little annoyed). I just finished my student loan application through OSAP and am now waiting for final approval for my government loan.

Also, there was a 'Meet the Dean' session at Rotman as well as a free lance consulting project meeting that I had to take care of Monday evening. I have been reviewing, but I covered most of the interesting topics and am now working on topics which I'm having particular trouble with (so I can't pretend to have any sort of expertise in posting the solutions here).

However, if I do encounter interesting topics which would make good posts, I'll take a break from answering questions and put up a post here.


Suziesaurus said...

wow!!!! congrats on the internship offer! that sounds awesome!!!!

Joshua Wong said...

Thanks... I'm pretty excited! :)