Monday, July 27, 2009

Analyst Exchange Financial Modeling

For those of you who don't already know, I'm currently in NYC and have recently finished my financial modeling course with the Analyst Exchange.

While taking an Engineering and Management degree exposed me to all the core business courses (finance, accounting, marketing, HR etc) and the CFA focused even more so on finance, it was refreshing and confidence inspiring to be able to take a class where the principles we learn move us away from the strictly academic and theoretical into the real and practical.

I'd recommend this program to anyone who was interested in making active use of their finance knowledge and who wanted to have an edge making their entrance into the world of finance.

As I'm quite happy with my experience, I thought I'd pass it along for anyone else who was looking into similar training programs.

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Rickard Warnelid - Corality said...


Thank you for your recommendation. As I am based in Australia and have only had limited exposure to financial modelling training providers in the US it would be interesting if you could share your views on how the methodology of the Analyst Exchange is similar/different to the following finanical modelling / training companies companies

Navigator Financial Modelling Training

Financial mechanics

Corality Financial Model audit training


Rickard Warnelid
Financial Model Audit Blog

Joshua Wong said...

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with the methodology of the companies listed below. The only other program I am familiar with is Wall Street Prep.

The internship program is new this year and it was a very positive experience, I'd expect some new improvements based on feedback from participants.

Particularly notable in this years program was that the standard training program was also coupled with interesting guest speakers. I was invited to do one such talk, but there were a host of other speakers from different backgrounds who were each teaching a different module in the course.

Paul Pignataro, the CEO of Analyst Exchange, will be putting up more sample videos of speakers shortly as well as interviews with current participants (including yours truly) so you can get their perspective.

~ Josh

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