Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wall Street MBA, by Reuben Advani

As part of the training program, we've been given a copy of Reuben Advani's The Wall Street MBA. It's a really good primer for material in the MBA and good casual reading for people who want to stay a bit sharper on the subway.

Advani uses colorful examples from current events to describe accounting and corporate finance concepts, including a chapter dedicated to fraud and manipulation (some topics of which are covered in this blog including profit smoothing).

More advanced readers would probably still benefit from the second half of the book, covering more complicated topics such as derivatives, arbitrage, hedge funds and M&A.

While Advani's book covers a broad and comprehensive range of topics, it's depth is good enough to get a feel without feeling overwhelmed (although some topics like inventory control, LIFO, FIFO etc could use a bit more 'time').

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