Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Artistry with Dr. Hilary Austen

Tonight, there was a Rotman panel discussion hosted at the Savoy Hotel in London by our dean, Roger Martin, on “Artistry Unleashed: Pursuing Great Performance in Work and Life” written by Dr. Hilary Austen. They had a great discussion on how our current educational system seems to focus heavily on quantitative knowledge potentially at the expense of qualitative knowledge which, although by definition difficult to measure, plays an important role not just in decision making, but our ability to perform well in different environments.

Vetran integrative thinkers can probably also recognize the concept of model tension between these two ideas and can appreciate that the conversation between the panelists with Roger facilitating lead to interesting perspectives and topics being raised (eg. the role of analytical versus intuitive recognition for diagnosis performed by doctors).

Afterwards, there was a cocktail reception with the opportunity to speak with people connected to the Rotman community in London through a variety of different channels: students like myself, alumni, business partners, patrons of business publications etc.

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