Monday, March 14, 2011

Planned Obsolescence

With the last week of the core 10 week period upon us at LBS, things have dramatically started to pick up. I have my final exam for Behavioural Finance on Thursday which promises to be challenging.

I've also got a final PEVC assignment due in-class tomorrow where our take home individual case will also be released. Also, tomorrow, I have a big presentation for Emerging Markets with the final group and individual papers due by the 18th.

What a roller coaster it's been, not just here but in the MBA program in general. It seems like not too long ago, I was stepping into Rotman for the first time. After taking a look back at this blog, I've realized how much I've enjoyed my time at Rotman. And with the end of the program so near, it's time to plan wrapping up of all the loose ends.

I have two more classes left, block week courses (one week intensives) which I'll be taking between now and the end of April. However, this provides me with ample opportunity to take advantage of the easy access to Europe and as such I'm planning trips with some of the fellow exchange students between now and when I leave. My last two classes are Managing Corporate Turnarounds (last week of March) and Service Management Field trip, a consulting project where our class will be in Greece (jokingly referred to as "exchange on exchange") which will be my final class of the MBA program.

I'll continue to blog as interesting ideas pop up in the last few classes and probably put up a few nice pictures from my travels, but I expect that I'll put up a final post around the end of April as I head back to Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your "planned obsolescence" - always a pleasure reading your posts.