Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emerging Markets - China

We just completed our final presentation in the Emerging Markets class taught by Linda Yueh at LBS. Our group chose China, and we did a cross section of important business factors and how they affect investment decisions and mechanisms into the country. While the presentation was performed by myself and my classmate Tim, the other team members contributed greatly to the material and their preparation was reflective in the cohesive and comprehensive story we presented. It was easy to present the highly refined material to create an investment thesis branching across a broad range of industries and tell a story about how specific companies would benefit or be hindered by government regulations and financial market mechanisms.

Tim did a great job going into the details of the domestic business environment with some personal anecdotes from some of our team members’ recent trip to China. JEMBAs (aka January intake Executive MBAs) at LBS are required to a week intensive in a foreign country and three of our JEMBA team members visited China together.

I think we represented the hard work and analysis of our team well.

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