Saturday, March 20, 2010

Business Design Competition - 3rd Place

I spent to better part of yesterday afternoon and this morning participating in the Business Design Competition. Our team was composed of myself, Yan, Mark, Justin and Xinxin. It was an interesting challenge. We were introduced to the business design process and given an open problem and carte blanche to find an appropriate solution.

We had a great team dynamic and every member contributed according to their strengths. At the end, I think we all learned something new, picked up more skills and experience which we can certainly apply to other aspects of our business careers.

The competition was judged by several industry professionals including a strong showing from Monitor Consulting.

After the first round presentation, when we discovered that we had made it to the second round, I think our group took the criticism of the judges very well. Even before our ranking was announced, I had told my team that I was exceptionally happy with the improvement we had made as a group in refining our presentation skills on the fly.

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