Thursday, March 18, 2010

Investment Challenge - 3rd Place

Yesterday, we participated in the Investment Challenge hosted by the Rotman Asset Management Association. Shree, Petar, Natalia and myself presented to a panel of judges from industry who critiqued our fund's performance, benchmark, goals, execution etc. There were teams from the Rotman MBA as well as the Masters of Financial Economics (MFE) program.

We made it to the final round and placed 3rd overall. More importantly, I learned a lot while in this competition about the practical side of asset management beyond the academic theory. And it is certainly more than just "trading stocks".

It was absolutely a pleasure to work with our team members. Shree is particularly passionate about asset management and it shows when you speak to him about stocks and what is happening in the economy. I learned a lot from him in terms of the practical side of asset allocation, risk management, company analysis etc.

I've been mentioning this to several people, but I think it is absolutely critical to participate in competitions and activities. Rotman does a decent job of trying to mix up the groups and have as much interaction as possible between the incoming 265 students every year. There is your 1st semester section of 65 people and team of 5, 2nd semester section of 65 people and team of 5, your 24 hour strategy comp team of 5 or 6, your markstrat team of 5 or 6 etc.

One of the most valuable experiences in the MBA is take advantage of these opportunities to work with smart driven people on interesting challenges and topics they are passionate about. Also, the open bars don't hurt.

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