Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ian Schnoor - Financial Modeling 3, LBO's

Just arrived back from March Break and "warming up" to classes again in Ian Schnoor's third financial modeling module: LBO's. Before leaving for the break, he had come and done his second module: Valuations which talked about understanding the operations and finances of a company.

While module 1: Buiding a Financial Model, was a free lesson (I believe it's paid for by PACE at Rotman), Module's 2 and 3 cost $100 each, well worth the cost (again, I believe it's subsidized by PACE at Rotman).

The CFA charges quite a bit more if I'm not mistaken (but I'm lead to suspect that the CFA courses are also subsidized, though maybe not as much).

Having these financial modeling courses under your belt gives you a very good practical understanding of how to apply financial concepts learned in class beyond purely theoretical or academic textbook knowledge.

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