Monday, March 15, 2010

GBC Quarterly Chat

Today we had our GBC Q4 and last quarterly chat. The major topic of discussion was courses. I didn't realize this, but most MBA schools (like Rotman) have a bidding process for second year electives. 2nd year MBAs are given a maximum of 1000 points on which to allocate and bid for courses they want to take in their final year.

For those of us going on exchange, we lose half our points because we will be at other schools. International Study tours also count as a course as well.

I have a particularly interesting dilemma. Because I'm going on exchange at LBS and have done study two tours (Middle East and Latin America), I am now entering bidding with the least number of bid points possible: 300 out of a possible 1000.

Although I only have a few bid points (and only technically need to take three courses in the first semister), I'm thinking of "overloading" and taking a few extra courses in the first semister anyways (possibly bringing me back up to as many as 5 courses). After all, Rotman is a great school (and it also isn't cheap to come here).

Not to mention that I missed "Negotiations" to do the Middle East tour and again to do Latin America (Normally, 1st years would take the course in May if they missed it in Jan). Apparently, I'm told that I'll have to take Negotiations with the part-timers at the end of August before the start of school.

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