Thursday, February 11, 2010

Latin America International Study Tour (LAIST) - Class Begins

Today, we had our first class for the Latin America International Study Tour (LAIST) with our professor Anil Verma. His style is certainly different from Walid, but you can tell straight away that it will be a unique experience of a different flavour (given we are also going to Latin America versus the Middle East). It suddenly occurs to me that the feel of the tour will greatly influenced by the professor who is running the tour (I'll have to confirm this hunch with people going on other tours: China, India and Europe).

We have four assignments to accomplish and I've taken advantage of my previous "experience" and have already found a partner to work with and a room mate.

Our first class was a good warm up getting us familiar with the major exports, businesses, history and cultural aspects in Brazil. We'll have plenty more work to do shortly as we will have a similar task as in the Middle East tour of researching the companies we will be going to visit.

We'll be having classes almost every week between now and when we leave. We are all excited already and talking about events and places we want to see.

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