Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rotman Open House

Yesterday, Rotman hosted an open house for potential students. The Rotman Ambassadors as well as faculty and staff were out in force to talk to students and answer their questions about the Rotman MBA program.

I started the day in the International Programs session with Laura Wood and other students who had been on International Study Tours. There were plenty of questions about Study Tours and Exchange programs. It's good to see that our potential incoming classmates have an international interest which they would like to incorporate into their MBA program.

There was also a mix and mingle between current and potential students. It's surprising what a small world it is. Two potential Rotman students were colleagues of a friend of mine from McMaster Engineering who is currently enrolled at Rotman (a close pal in my year). Another potential Rotman student was a friend of mine from the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students from back in the day.

It's good to see such strong interest from potential incoming students and reaffirming that they are asking the right questions when thinking about what MBA program to select based on their goals and fit.


CareerSwitcher said...

It was good to meet you Josh. After reading your blog the last couple of months, it felt like I was meeting a celebrity! :) Thanks for the advice.


Joshua Wong said...

Haha... Thanks! Hope to see you next year if not sooner!