Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Managing Customer Value, One Stage at a Time

Today, our MCV professor, Dilip Soman, gave a talk about his new book, Managing Customer Value - One Stage at a Time.

He spoke about the new changes happening in the marketing industry and how his work has been looking at the relevant trends, primarily the effect of:

  • The internet
  • Data collection and advances in computing
  • Blurring between verticals
  • Growth in services
  • Diversity of people

Sara N-Marandi, his colleague - Rotman '08 and Monitor consulting, further delved into the book's focuses:

  • Transformation
  • Value creation
  • Efficient Allocation of Marketing Efforts
  • Portfolio of Assets: Marketing Math
  • Marketing Capabilities

I must admit, their framework gives me much hope and respect for the field and thought leadership in marketing. Particularly, I appreciated their use of math and financial concepts to quantify value of customers as a portfolio of assets and the process for evaluation.

It was clear in the presentation of Dilip and Sara that there are some exciting new and valuable insights in their book which I look forward to reading.

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