Monday, February 8, 2010

Strategy II Case - Ben and Jerry's

This morning we completed our Strategy II Case, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Previously (last Thursday), our class began the discussion and during the break, a few of my friends (Monika and Uzair) recommended that we should have ice cream at the class to lead into the discussion. That was all the motivation I needed.

We had a "good night" yesterday at the Super Bowl, but there were certain priorities that had to be looked after. This morning, the Metro just beyond Spadina and Bloor is probably out of Ben and Jerry's. I picked up a couple pints of ice cream (only 5 different flavours). There were some flavours that came up in our previous discussion (Chunky Monkey, Half Baked, and Chocolate Therapy), however I was only able to find the first two of the three.

Prof. Silverman was a good sport, allowing us a few moments before the discussion to help ourselves to some ice cream. Proceeds collected in the tip cup will be donated to the Haiti relief fund.

Our class had a discussion about the "current" (1995) state of Ben and Jerry's, what challenges they were facing, and what strategy we would recommend moving forward based on the positioning of their product along several dimensions of value. It was interesting to talk about what people value in the product and brand, their image as being socially responsible and how they decided to proceed.

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