Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GBC Elections for Second Year

The GBC is currently holding elections for all it's Executive Positions. There are some very strong candidates running who are very motivated and excited for the next year.

Because I'll be gone for half the year on exchange, I don't qualify for running for any of the GBC positions nor many of the clubs positions (a sacrifice I knew I'd have to make and acknowledged in my exchange interview).

However, I will still be around and helping students out in my own little way, either if people want help with prepping for jobs or in classes (I'm considering being a Rotman Scholar perhaps). I know that our year has been doing very well both academically and in our career hunts and that is very much a function of the support we received, especially from second year students.

Already, I have a few friends I know are coming to Rotman next year and I hope that my year can be as useful to them as the second years were to us.

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