Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Electives Fair

Today was a very important day, the day when we learn more about the potential electives we can take next year. While the sessions run by the faculty were informative (Marketing had the best idea of having each prof pitch their own course so that many students could immediately tell if they were "interested") the sessions run by the students were truly insightful from the perspective of people who had taken the courses previously.

I'm pretty sure I know what I'm interested in taking next year with a few adjustments (part of the International Exchange application process is understanding what courses are offered at Rotman versus the partner school and making choices), what I have found interesting is that students have already started looking ahead and forming teams based on group work we are expected to do next year.

Unlike first year where most of our team based experiences are such that our teams are picked out for us, the majority of second year courses allow you to pick your own team mates. Some of us have jokingly said that we shall never meet again (many of my close friends have sworn off finance courses).

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