Monday, April 26, 2010

Flirting with 0.5 MBA

We have entered exams week for Q4, the final quarter of our first year MBA program. We've started it off today with Managerial Accounting. Tomorrow, we have Global Managerial Perspective (GMP) and Friday will be Operations Management.

The other two courses, Business Ethics and Integrative Thinking Practicum (ITP) have major team assignments due, but most teams have finished this work well in advance of exams in order to focus their energies.

I've just moved to my new place closer to work downtown for the summer. I'm subletting from a friend who will be gone. I must say, it feels much more human to have moved out of my notorious "haunted house" in Chinatown near Spadina and College. In all fairness, a good friend of mine gave me some advice for first year: "You'll be at school most of the time until late anyways, so just get a place nearby so you can rest your head at night" and he was absolutely right. As much money as I would have saved staying at home, it was certainly worth the marginal cost to live close to school.

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Mainak said...

The place you lived at was awesome :)