Monday, April 12, 2010

The Marquee Group - Financial Modeling 4 - M&A

On Saturday, there was the fourth and last module available to Rotman students from the Marquee Group's Financial Modeling Series - Mergers and Acquisitons where we did a mini (accretion / dilution) model for M&A.

Rather than just talk about the mechanics of how M&A is done, it was also good to talk about the underlying logic for why these transactional deals are done, what to look for and areas of concern for understanding if a deal is a "success" or not.

While we didn't have time to do a full-blown model, it was a good opportunity to brush up on the basics of putting together a small model to determine what the pro-forma financial statements would look like after the deal was done.

Also, Salim was there.

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