Friday, April 23, 2010

Winding Down, Gearing Up

While the MBA program is a very packed two years, it does seem to go by very fast. Already, we are almost halfway done (will be as of the end of next week). Yesterday, the GBC class reps had our last meeting of the year. In the last week, positions for various clubs have been announced and people are finding out in which capacity they will be assisting clubs. People have also started volunteering to prepare for the Orientation Camp 2010 for the incoming class (I've applied to participate in that also).

Unlike undergrad which (in engineering) we used to describe as "the worst four or best seven" years of your life, the MBA program is only two years which poses significant challenges when it comes to clubs. There is a very strong "in and out" mentality which is purely a function of the nature of the program when it comes to clubs relative to our undergraduate experience. However, many of the students have strong experiences in extracurriculars and work having passed through the recruitment and admissions process, so they are ready to be thrown right in and get right to it.

Already, there is some talk about some of the new initatives that will be undertaken next year and it will be exciting to see what results they produce. For the incoming class, I suspect that their experience will be improved from ours (which was improved from previous).

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