Sunday, May 2, 2010

Churrascaria – Nova Pampa

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After our tour of the coffee plantation, we had lunch at the notorious Brazilian style steak house. These steak houses are the ones where you have a small badge on the table. If you want more meat, you leave it on the green “Sim, por favor” side. If you are stuffed, you switch it to the red “Nao, obrigado” side.

We were all excited and started scarfing down loads of sausage, steak, chicken and cheese stuffed cheese (not a typo).
Even when some of us decided to get some vegetables from the salad bar (to prevent us from dying of scurvy), we were quick to discover that most of the “vegetables” were potatoes… And there was slices of roast beef in the salad bar:

With all the beer and meat, those of us who were able to save room for desert were in for a treat: A decadent array of scrumptious and rich cakes. Needless to say, we were ALL sleeping on the bus ride back.

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