Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bidding for Electives Begins Today

Bidding for elective courses in second year began today. I'm happy to report that I still have 500 points to bid (the rumor that I lost points for study tours is apparently untrue). However, I only have to take 4 courses this term (maximum and minimum). I'm trying to bundle them together all on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I can have a four day long weekend every week (and so far it seems possible).

I'm thinking of taking all the core IB courses in one go (so I can concentrate on electives at LBS) including: Corporate Finance, Financial Management, M&A and Options and Derivatives. Considering the sessions (date / time / profs) I want, I will have plenty of points (some courses requiring as few as 0 points).

I just need to confirm my selection with a few friends before placing my bid. Bidding ends one week after the open.

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